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Humanitarian assistance to a nursing home in Bishkek

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

As part of a charity event, representatives of the KIBI Corporation visited the only Nursing Home in Bishkek and provided humanitarian assistance by transferring a gift in the form of two rams.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation Rustam Abduvalievich Yusupov, Honorary Chairman of the Islamic Charitable Foundation "Iman" Sheikh Saleh Al-Maziad and President of the Islamic Development Fund of Central Asia (IDFCA) Murad Sekakmia talked with representatives of the Bishkek Nursing Home and in a friendly atmosphere passed on their gift to the elderly living there .

During the meeting with the director of the center and his deputy, it was decided to continue cooperation and coordination of the activities of the Nursing Home with the IBIC Corporation and the Iman Islamic Charitable Foundation for continued support and assistance.

The delegation visited the elderly and gave sums of money (zakat). It should be noted that in total there are 227 elderly people in the nursing home.



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