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The Kyrgyz Republic and Islamic countries can closely cooperate in two areas

The Chairman of the Sharia Council of the Saudi Islamic Bank Al-Enmaa Sheikh, Professor Abdul Rahman Bin Saleh Al-Atram identified two areas in which, he believes, Kyrgyzstan and Islamic countries can closely interact, these are tourism and insurance.

He noted that Kyrgyzstan has recently paid special attention to eco- and other types of tourism, which have become very popular.

“This is manifested in such things as the strengthening of the halal industry in the republic. In addition, an important factor is the moral principles of the population, which are very pleasing. This is what will attract investors from Islamic countries, especially if the tourism sector continues to improve,” said Abdul Rahman Bin Saleh Al-Atram.

He also added that if we talk about the insurance industry, he would offer a job based on Sharia principles. In his opinion, appropriate funds should be created under the management of such companies with relevant experience.



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