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Let's build a new world together!

CIBI Corporation unites a number of autonomous legal entities: companies of various fields of activity, public organizations, foundations and financial institutions.


The Corporation connects the legal, industrial, financial and organizational infrastructure that unites different organizations and companies, each of which has its own direction, function and plays a certain role in the Corporation.


​All organizations of the Corporation (legal entities) have been created and are successfully working to achieve common goals-tasks of economic development, creation and testing of financial and monetary mechanisms and relations convenient for citizens, improving the standard of living of citizens, forming a new society and fair relations between people and companies based on Islamic principles.

Команда, работающая в офисе со стеклянными перегородками

Purpose, Objectives and Values of KIBI

The purpose of the IBIC corporation is to consolidate the efforts of companies and organizations operating on Islamic principles in ensuring and promoting the socio-economic and spiritual development of citizens of the Central Asian countries.


Key tasks of the IBIC Corporation:

  • Development of business and investment infrastructure according to Islamic principles, followed by economic, legal and financial support for the process of business entering new world markets.

  • Compliance with and expansion of the principles and rules of Shariah in the business environment, financial, economic and charitable activities.

  • Organization of external and internal expert and socio-economic audit for entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Raising the standard of living of citizens, improving the socio-economic situation and expanding productive ties between the Central Asian countries and the Arab world.

Five core values of IBIC:

  • Sociality means a focus on the development of society: ensuring its spiritual benefits, improving material well-being, raising the level of education, medical support and other areas of life.

  • Halal means that all projects, actions and products, goods and services produced by IBIC Corporation are produced as a result of efforts, contracts and materials that comply with Islamic principles, that is, everything that is allowed and permissible in Islam.

  • Legitimacy means that the Corporation itself, its subdivisions and organizations operate exclusively within the framework of the laws of the countries where the organization, company, subdivision is officially registered.

  • Innovativeness means that KIBI Corporation is in constant search and testing of new ways to improve existing methods and technologies, as well as to increase their positive qualities. This is the path from an idea to a specific product, technology or service that is distributed in practical use. Innovations stimulate the economy, education, enterprises, therefore the Corporation introduces various mechanisms to support such activities.

  • Safety - means an activity in which, with a high degree of probability, the manifestation of danger or the absence of excessive danger in the life of the Corporation's companies, investors, employees and citizens participating in the implementation of IBIC projects is excluded. Life activity is understood as all the main processes - social, biological, organizational, technological, etc.


Our team

President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IBIC Corporation


Rustam Abduvalievich Yusupov

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-07 at 21.42.06 (2).jpeg

Sekakmiya Murad Abdulkadirovich

External Relations Advisor


Chechenova Madina Zhamalovna


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